Wires is an interactive sound installation about ways in which the world is connected. Through a series of choices, you’ll both create your own story and craft your own musical composition.

Put another way, it’s an interactive sound installation with a story element.
The story is presented as a set of handmade books and contain a surprise when you open it up. Each book contains a small speaker and audio player. As you read the story you’ll also listen to the sounds that correspond to that portion of the story. The end of each story segment gives you a choice that directs you to a new book.

For more information, click on the Why up above. To see Wires, click on Where and When. We’re also currently doing a fundraiser! You can support it by clicking on the indiegogo campaign in the sidebar. Supporters receive a variety of cool perks.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

We’ve also received support from the best postering service in Austin, Motorblade, and the best vodka distillery in Austin, Tito’s Vodka